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As Dolphin N2 continues to develop & grow; we recognise the expertise each team member brings to the Dolphin N2 team. Part 1.

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As Dolphin N2 continues to develop & grow; we recognise the expertise each team member brings to the Dolphin N2 team. Part 1.

The Dolphin N2 team have been working tirelessly over many years to bring their game changing engine technology to market.

After a successful spin out from Ricardo Plc in December 2019, with FPT Industrial, the global powertrain brand of CNH Industrial acquiring 100% of Dolphin N2; the Dolphin N2 team have continued to develop their game changing CryoPower engine, despite the logistical challenges posed by the Covid19 pandemic.

With the team either working from home or, when allowed, working in small bubbles onsite; the Dolphin N2 technology has continued, with a phenomenal team effort, to continue to develop.

In this week’s article, we remind ourselves of the original Dolphin N2 team members & the vast array of skills they bring to the Dolphin N2 project.

Simon Brewster – CEO DOLPHIN N2

Simon Brewster gained a First in Automotive Engineering from Loughborough University in 1992. Since then, he has forged a career as a commercially focused general manager & gained extensive international experience in start-up of innovative technologies, products & teams, through to successful market and B2B business creation.

Simon has a track record of managing full life-cycle product strategies and development within vehicle OEMs, suppliers and consultancies.

Having joined Ricardo PLC in 2011 as a Chief Engineer, Simon has seen several roles including: Head of Industrial & Large Engines, Director Industrial Engines, Director Industrial & Defence before heading up the team with Dolphin N2 in 2017.

Simon’s role as CEO at Dolphin N2 allows him to establish Dolphin N2 & the CryoPower de-carbonizing technologies, amongst global heavy-duty transport, power generation & energy companies.


Nick Owen studied at Cambridge University & joined Ricardo PLC in 1995 as a Manager in Thermal Systems.

Nick is responsible for development of the technology, including growing our engineering team, working with our technology partners, and delivering the first multi-cylinder prototypes.

An experienced propulsion and power systems engineer with background in both ICEs and electrification, Nick recently oversaw the successful development of a uniquely efficient liquid nitrogen expander engine for use in power-and-cold applications; that engine is now entering the market in truck refrigeration.

Before that, his career embraced both consultancy and advanced technology development. At Ricardo he was Project Director in research and development, whereby he oversaw the company’s first research into electrification and autonomous driving.


Benjamin West gained a BEng from Loughborough Engineering in 1996 & an MBA in International Business Strategy in 2007. Since leaving university, Benjamin has worked for some of the industry giants in engineering excellence including the role of Senior Development Engineer at Rolls Royce, Principal Development Engineer at MAN Diesel and turbo, Global Commercial manager at Sulzer Metco and Product Engineering Manager at Delphi Technologies.

A successful business man in his own right, Benjamin West brings a wealth of business expertise with a solid engineering background, to the Dolphin N2 team.

Benjamin has recruited, coached & managed effective international sales and technical teams. As a strong negotiator, Benjamin is also confident conducting business and technical discussions in French and German to build solid commercial relationships and key accounts.


Rhys Pickett studied at the University of Exeter & received a Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering in 2008. After leaving university, Rhys joined Ricardo PLC in 2008 & has undertaken a progressive series of roles, including: Project Engineer, Performance & Calibration, Project Engineer – Engine Performance Development, Senior Project Engineer – Ricardo Innovations & Senior Project Engineer – Disruptive Technologies, Ricardo Innovations.

Rhys joined the Dolphin N2 team with a keen understanding of the technologies for the split cycle CryoPower engine & has been instrumental in collaborating with The University of Brighton in the building & testing of the cryo rig.


Bill Murray is an experienced and commercially perceptive leader with a successful background in a variety of senior roles, including:

For the last 12 months Bill has worked as the Interim Programme Director for Dolphin N2, helping to form the new company as it transitioned from Ricardo to CNHi/Fiat Power Train whilst developing a new and innovative diesel engine.

The previous 2 years were spent as Interim Programme Director for MAN Diesel & Turbo in a variety of challenging delivery and consultative roles. This was also interspaced with some short term consultancy work for a number of engineering companies.

During a 35 year career with BAE Systems and a small number of other companies, Bill held a number of senior roles in the UK and abroad, successfully leading engineering businesses and programmes.

Bill established a solid grounding in engineering, leadership and personal resilience during 12 years of service in the Royal Navy.


Paolo Ortolani studied Mechanical Engineering at Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna. He is a Licensed Engineer for the industrial sector and in 1998, after a freelance period, he joined a large Italian company in the R&D engine division where he gained further competences in powertrain design, analysis and simulation and project management.

Paolo was formerly Chief Engineer in Ricardo Engine Product Group, he also covered different roles such as: Project Leader, Technical Customer Interface, Coordinator of a dedicated team for projects, Technical Authority.

He has an extensive experience in heavy duty engine design spanning 21 years. Moreover, he has led a numbers of new design project from “clean sheet to production” for global application on HD/LD propulsion, high performance engine, motorcycle, including innovative solutions for CO2 reduction.

He is now leading the prototype design studies at Dolphin N2.


Fabrizio gained a First Class Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universita de Catania in 2015. Fabrizio is currently undertaking a Master of Science (MSc) in Racing Engine Design engineering at Oxford Brookes University.

Fabrizio joined Ricardo UK Ltd in September 2018 as the Systems Simulation Engineer for Dolphin N2.


Paul received a 1st in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Engineering (MEng) from the University of Liverpool in 2007. He then went on to complete a Master of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering (MPhil) in 2012.

Paul joined Energetix Group Plc as a Graduate Development Engineer in 2007, advancing to Development Engineer in 2009. He then went on to join Flow Group Plc as Lead Development Engineer in 2010 & subsequently Development Engineering Manager in 2012.

Paul moved to Dearman in 2014 as Head of Applications, where he developed commercial applications in automotive markets for the Dearman Engine, a novel zero-emission engine that delivers cost and performance benefits for users requiring cooling and power.

In January 2018, Paul founded Cloudforest Technologies, an engineering consultancy specialising in technology development and commercialisation through the use of computer-aided design, engineering and data analysis tools.

Paul has a wealth of specific industry knowledge & expertise and is supporting the Dolphin N2 team with Project Engineering and consultancy services.


Helena Parrott, VA/Director of Virtually Smart Ltd brings a wealth of business management skills & processes to the Dolphin N2 team. With over 20 years executive support experience, Helena has a track record of supporting senior leaders & providing operational support to ensure efficient delivery of business activities within a range of sectors including engineering, technical consultancies, local government and finance.

Helena Parrott’s business acumen & expertise in analysing & improving businesses & business processes, allows her to support the Dolphin N2, whilst also making recommendations for streamlining work flow & supporting process re-engineering to improve operational efficiency.

Helena joined Ricardo PLC in 2016 supporting the MD & leadership team with operational business support & business & strategic planning. Helena joined the Dolphin N2 team as a VA & has been supporting the team with their day to day business operations, administrative expertise & executive support solutions.


Joelle Timperley obtained a BA Hons in Business and Finance in 1998 and after leaving university embarked on a successful career in finance spanning a variety of industries . Continuing success and experience followed with roles at major corporates such as Granada PLC, Veolia PLC and General Atlantic Group, culminating in her most recent role as a Finance and Operations Director in the HVAC arena.

As the sole UK board member of a large multinational company, she was instrumental in the defining of strategic direction of the company, taking them into new markets and diversifying their portfolio. This was all achieved whilst also managing finance, engineering operations, IT and HR teams.

Joelle joined Dolphin N2 in late 2019 as Finance Director, becoming part of the senior leadership team. She is responsible for all aspects of the company’s finances including developing a financial strategy to support the company’s objectives.


Katy studied BA English with Art at The University of Chichester & gained her PGCE Secondary in English in 2010. Having worked in a variety of roles after graduating in 1995, Katy-Jane came to English Secondary teaching in 2009/10.

After just over 8 years teaching English in secondary schools, Katy-Jane moved away from the classroom & found herself working with her partner in their business & supporting Helena Parrott VA/Director of Virtually Smart Ltd.

Having always been a keen writer & with an excellent grasp of language & grammar; Katy-Jane now supports companies, including Dolphin N2, with their media dissemination, blogging, content & business support needs.

Written & collated by Katy-Jane Mason, for & on behalf of Dolphin N2.