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Hydrogen UK, Hydrogen Industry Leaders (HIL) and the Future Propulsion Conference (FPC) events to put the spotlight on Hydrogen in 2024.

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2024 is shaping up to be the year in which Hydrogen comes into its own. Recognised as a key player in globally reducing emissions and collectively reaching net zero, hydrogen is gaining traction in many sectors.

The energy sector is increasing investment in hydrogen production and storage as it is proven to reduce emissions in both energy production and usage for domestic purposes and for heavy industry.

Hydrogen is also being hailed a key player in reducing emissions in difficult to decarbonise sectors of the transport industry. Heavy-duty, off-highway, marine and even aviation are all investing in research and development in hydrogen as another option for a reduction in global emissions.

The interest in hydrogen in the UK is echoed from Government level and supported by such organisations as Hydrogen UK and put in the spotlight by events such as the Hydrogen Industry Leaders (HIL) and Future Propulsion Conference (FPC).

Spring 2024 sees two of the most well attended industry events taking place.

Future Propulsion Conference 28-29 February 2024.

FPC which has a clear focus on the transport sector, and which celebrates its tenth year in 2024, has been slowly recognising the importance of hydrogen and its influence on the transport systems in the UK for a few years now. However, the overall focus has still been targeting how electrification’s role influences national and international emissions.

However, this year FPC has scheduled four seminars (as part of its overall seminar programme) which will explore hydrogen technology, heavy-duty and off-road, combustion emissions and hydrogen applications.

The recognition by FPC of the integral part hydrogen is playing in the transport sector is not only a clear acknowledgement of hydrogens role in decarbonising transport, but it also recognises that we must accept a multi fuel/energy approach if we are going to reach net zero.

Dolphin N2 are regular exhibitors and attendees at FPC and for the past two years have displayed their Recuperated split-cycle engine demonstrator at the event. At FPC 2023 Nick Owen – Technical Director – presented a seminar piece titled: The recuperated split cycle engine: a practical Hydrogen solution for heavy duty? A recording of the seminar can be found by following the link below.

Hydrogen UK Conference and Awards 11-12 March 2024.

The Hydrogen UK Conference and Awards evening has a clear focus on what is happening in the hydrogen space in the UK.  Hydrogen UK is the trade association committed to the development and deployment of hydrogen solutions.

From 2020, the Hydrogen Taskforce which was launched at the House of Commons, has brought together organisations who are leading on hydrogen in the UK. These organisations are working together, through the Taskforce, to develop a common vision for hydrogen and a collective position on the next steps needed to make this vision a reality. (1)

The Taskforce worked closely with the government to support the development of the UK Hydrogen Strategy, the Hydrogen Business Models and the Net Zero Hydrogen Fund. (1)

Hydrogen UK are leading from the front in the UK and working collaboratively with a host of organisations across the UK to develop effective hydrogen strategies. Their body of work also influences how the Government move their Hydrogen Strategy forward.

Hydrogen UK’s objectives for 2022 and beyond focused on:

  • Scale production rapidly by making Hydrogen Business Models available to producers by mid-2022
  • Stimulate demand for hydrogen by developing detailed and distinct policy and regulatory frameworks to create markets in end use sectors
  • Provide links between supply and demand by establishing mechanisms to support distribution and storage infrastructure
  • Develop the necessary training and support to ensure the UK has the skilled workforce to deliver on its hydrogen ambitions
  • Ensure that no one is left behind by working with a wide range of stakeholders to build a hydrogen society (1)

Hydrogen UK are committed to engaging with trade associations, academics, professional institutions and policy makers to build broad coalitions and consensus around industry structure and invoke policy changes.

Dolphin N2 will be exhibiting at the Hydrogen UK conference this year, bringing their Recuperated split-cycle hydrogen ready engine demonstrator with them and their vast knowledge about how Dolphin N2’s hydrogen technology is a game changer for the heavy-duty industry.

Hydrogen Industry Leaders (HIL).

HIL which has over the past few years been bringing hydrogen industry leaders together primarily in the energy sectors, are now recognising the importance of putting the spotlight on hydrogens role in transport, as well as in the energy sectors.

Dolphin N2 have now attended three HIL events since 2022 and were invited to present the case for how hydrogen can support the heavy-duty transport industry at the HIL Glasgow event Enhancing the Hydrogen Economy 2023. The HIL event was an opportunity for 50 hydrogen projects to showcase how they are building business cases for hydrogen use across multiple industries.

The events arranged by FPC, Hydrogen UK and HIL are just a few of the opportunities to highlight the interest in and acceptance of hydrogen as a key player in the decarbonisation of our energy and transport systems. These three event organisers are able to give to a platform to policy makers, academics and industry leaders alike who are working hard for the recognition and support hydrogen needs to support our drive towards net-zero.

Written by Katy Mason for and on behalf of Dolphin N2.

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