Dolphin N2 team continues to grow, as their CryoPower engine develops

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The Dolphin N2 team continue to grow, as their CryoPower split cycle diesel engine & game changing technology sees continued development.

Over the past 10 years, Ricardo Plc & partners, including the University of Brighton, have been developing their CryoPower engine, based on the split cycle diesel engine. During this time, spin off company, Dolphin N2 was born.

Dolphin N2 headed up by CEO Simon Brewster are bringing their game-changing CryoPower technology out of development & providing practical, feasible, reliant & environmentally attractive alternatives to traditional diesel engine technologies.

Simon Brewster says of the technology “CryoPower is a game-changing, commercially and environmentally attractive technology, whose time really has come. The development of the conventional heavy duty engine is reaching the point of diminishing returns with regard to fuel efficiency and CO2; to go significantly beyond the current state of the art requires a completely new approach. CryoPower offers and promises a step-change improvement in both fuel efficiency and operating fuel cost”

At the core of the development of the CryoPower engine, is the collaboration that Ricardo Plc has with The University of Brighton.

Professor Robert Morgan – Professor of Thermal Propulsion Systems, has been collaborating on the split-cycle engine with Ricardo since the 1990’s. Professor Morgan says of the CryoPower technologies “The CryoPower engine is fundamental to procurement, long distance freight & distributed back up generation”

Collaborations are at the very heart of any development & the Dolphin N2 team, as it continues to grow, add more industry knowledge & expertise to bring the Dolphin N2 CryoPower engine technologies before a global audience.

Earlier this year, the Dolphin N2 CryoPower engine technology was featured on the BBC South East lunchtime & evening news on Friday 22nd March 19 & focused on the collaboration between Dolphin N2 & The University of Brighton & the technologies they are striving to bring to market to dramatically reduce the Co2 emissions from trucks & haulage vehicles.

Later in March 2019, Simon Brewster CEO Dolphin N2 was honoured by being asked to Chair the 2nd day of the Future Diesel Engine summit in Shanghai, 28th March 19.

The purpose of the summit was to bring together industrial decision makers, OEM manufacturers & a “global speaker line-up to share insights & practical cases over the international diesel engine industry’s present situation.” (1) In addition, the exhibition part of Future Diesel Engine Summit Series brought together manufacturers, showcasing the cutting-edge technology, products & equipment, to enhance & emphasise the Conference.

The Dolphin N2 team have had many opportunities this year to bring their ‘game changing’ technologies to the attention of national & international audiences. But who is behind the technology & what specialisms do the team bring to the development & advancement of the CryoPower split cycle diesel engine?

Simon Brewster – CEO Dolphin N2

Having joined Ricardo PLC in 2011 as a Chief Engineer, has seen several roles including: Head of Industrial & Large Engines, Director Industrial Engines, Director Industrial & Defence. He now heads up the Dolphin N2 team.

Benjamin West – Operations Manager Dolphin N2

Since leaving university, Benjamin West has worked for some of the industry giants in Engineering excellence including the role of Senior Development Manager at Rolls Royce, Principal Design Engineer at MAN Diesel, Product Engineering Manager at Delphi Diesel & Technical Business Manager at Ricardo.

Nick Owen – Technical Director at Dolphin N2

Nick Owen brings his expertise in the low carbon transport & kilowatt-scale power sectors, heat-engine, battery, fuel cell & associated technologies to Dolphin N2. In December 2018, Nick was awarded an environment award from the IMechE’s automobile division, in recognition of his prize-winning presentation building the case for the global need for clean cold and power. (2)  Nick said “The IMechE has a central role in promoting British innovation and I was pleased to receive an environment award for my presentation on clean cold and power. Cold is essential for food chains, data centres, home and workplace comfort. But it must be provided cleanly, especially as public awareness increases of the polluting nature of diesel.”

Rhys Pickett – Chief Engineer Dolphin N2

Rhys Pickett joined Ricardo PLC in 2008 & has undertaken a progressive series of roles. Rhys joined the Dolphin N2 team with a keen understanding of the technologies for the split cycle CryoPower engine & has been instrumental in collaborating with The University of Brighton in the building & testing of the cryo rig.

Helena Parrott – Executive VA & business support & Director of Virtually Smart Ltd

Helena Parrott brings a wealth of business management skills & processes to the Dolphin N2 team, including but not exclusively: supporting the team with their day to day business operations, administrative expertise & executive support solutions.

Paul Metcalf –  Project Engineer Dolphin N2 

Paul joins the Dolphin N2 team with a wealth of specific industry knowledge & expertise in the role of Project Engineer. Since leaving University with a 1st in Mechanical Engineering, Paul joined Energetix in 2007 & worked his way to Development Engineering Manager. Paul moved to Dearman in 2014 as Head of Applications, where he developed commercial applications in automotive markets for the Dearman Engine, a novel zero-emission engine that delivers cost and performance benefits for users requiring cooling and power.

In January 2018, Paul founded Cloudforest Technologies, a tech start-up developing software tools and solutions to boost enterprise efficiency, productivity and decision-making using cloud and big-data technologies.

Fabrizio Treccarichi – Engine Simulation Engineer Dolphin N2

Fabrizio gained a First Class Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universita de Catania in 2015. Fabrizio is currently undertaking a Master of Science (MSc) in Racing Engine Design engineering at Oxford Brookes University.

Fabrizio joined Ricardo UK Ltd in September 2018 as the Systems Simulation Engineer for Dolphin N2.

Paolo Ortolani – Prototype Design Dolphin N2

Paolo was formerly Chief engineer in Ricardo Engine Product Group and has extensive experience in heavy duty engine design spanning 21 years. Paolo has led a number of new design projects from “clean sheet to production” for global applications of HD/LD propulsion, high performance engines, motorcycles, including innovative solutions for CO2 reduction.

Paolo is now leading the prototype design studies at Dolphin N2

Katy-Jane Mason –  Content researcher/writer/social media Dolphin N2

Katy-Jane, a former Secondary School English teacher, studied at the University of Chichester for her BA Hons English in 1995 & subsequently undertook the PGCE in 2010. Following a 9 year teaching path, Katy-Jane is now a content writer & researcher for Dolphin N2.

The Dolphin N2 team continues to grow & develop the CryoPower engine technologies with a clear goal to create a sustainable & versatile solution to the heavy duty & haulage industries need to reduce their CO2 emissions. In addition, Dolphin N2 are now being recognised as innovators & pioneers for their ground-breaking technologies, which can & will make a global impact in the emissions reduction strategies of industry trend-setters & leaders.

Written by Katy-Jane Mason on behalf of Dolphin N2.