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Dolphin N2 review of 2019: Part 1.

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It has been a very busy year for the Dolphin N2 team, culminating in their spin out from Ricardo just before Christmas 2019, with FPT Industrial, the global powertrain brand of CNH Industrial, acquiring 100% of Dolphin N2.

The team have worked tirelessly to bring their disruptive CryoPower technology to market & with this in mind, in the first of a two part review of 2019; we take a look back over 2019 to reflect on the achievements the team have made.

January 2019

In January 2019 Dolphin N2 attended a “United Kingdom startup and venture capital” seminar at the British Embassy, Tokyo.

Dolphin N2, with the help & assistance of the Department of International Trade, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The British Embassy & Shige Kasahara of Ricardo Plc. Dolphin N2 were given an opportunity to present to venture capital investors, with a view to creating international trade opportunities for the Dolphin N2 CryoPower engine technology.

Having attended the GIA 4th Task Force on Tuesday 27th November 2018 at the IMO Headquarters in London, Simon Brewster – CEO Dolphin N2 & a GIA signatory; was party to the discussion of how the GIA can support the IMO in the development of measures that can increase the uptake of low carbon fuels.‘(1)

The 15 members of the GIA which represent leading shipowners/operators, classification societies, engine/technology builders & suppliers, data providers, oil companies & ports, are seeking ways to implement the GloMEEP strategies. The 4th Task force meeting focused on the adoption of low carbon fuels in the shipping sectors. ‘The meeting agreed, as a next step, to hold a GIA roundtable early 2019 to discuss how early movers could be incentivised to invest in alternative fuels. ‘(2) 28.01.19

March 2019

Simon Brewster CEO Dolphin N2, was honoured by being asked to Chair the 2nd day of the Future Diesel Engine summit in Shanghai, 28th March 19.

Simon Brewster was invited to Chair the 2nd day of the summit by the organisers FIVEO. “We cordially invite you to be our chairman of Day Two (2019.03.28) in terms of your prestige within the diesel world” Draymond MA, Organizing Committee, FIVEO

The purpose of the summit was to bring together industrial decision makers, OEM manufacturers & a “global speaker line-up to share insights & practical cases over the international diesel engine industry’s present situation.” (3) In addition, the exhibition part of Future Diesel Engine Summit Series brought together manufacturers, showcasing the cutting-edge technology, products & equipment, to enhance & emphasise the Conference. (3) Simon Brewster, CEO Dolphin N2 had the following to say about this prestigious event.

Simon Brewster – CEO Dolphin N2 said of the summit “I had the honour to give the keynote speech and Chair at the Future Diesel Engine Summit in Shanghai. The event brought together 150 on and off highway international industry stakeholders from government, engine and vehicle OEMs, after treatment and technology developers, and consultancies to address the future of the diesel engine.”

“These are the engines that power the world and our economies – agriculture, construction, transporting raw materials and goods, and delivering energy to our homes, schools and hospitals. However, with continued growth and increasing focus on both air quality and climate change, the industry is acting to deliver improved efficiency and much lower emissions.”

“This was an ideal event to discuss the operation and performance of CryoPower, targeting zero emissions for both air quality and greenhouse gas, whilst leveraging the existing cost competitive infrastructure in the world’s largest heavy-duty market. Together with China industry and UK DIT meetings it was a very productive week, and we look forward to welcoming our first Chinese delegation in May!” Simon Brewster CEO Dolphin N2.

April 2019

The Dolphin N2 split cycle CryoPower engine technology was featured on the BBC South East lunchtime & evening news on Friday 22nd March 19.

The focus for the BBC feature was emissions pollution & in particular the Co2 emissions & pollution given off by trucks & heavy haulage vehicles.

The BBC South East interview focused on the collaboration between Dolphin N2 & The University of Brighton & the technologies they are striving to bring to market to dramatically reduce the Co2 emissions from trucks & haulage vehicles.

The first segment of the BBC South East interview, featured Professor Robert Morgan – Professor of Thermal Propulsion Systems at The University of Brighton. Professor Morgan has over the past 10 years alongside Ricardo Plc & partners been developing the CryoPower engine, based on the split cycle diesel engine.

Professor Morgan was filmed alongside the Titan Cryogenic rig built collaboratively with The University of Brighton & Ricardo Plc. Professor Morgan was able to explore & explain the CryoPower technology & how this system can be a game changer in the global emissions battle.

Simon Brewster – CEO Dolphin N2, was also interviewed in the BBC South East feature on truck pollution & he was given an opportunity to explore how the CryoPower technology can be brought out of development & provide a practical, feasible & reliant alternative to traditional diesel engine technologies.

Throughout 2019 the Dolphin N2 team has continued to grow. The original team of Simon Brewster CEO Dolphin N2, Benjamin West – Operations Manager Dolphin N2, Nick Owen – Technical Director Dolphin N2, Rhys Pickett – Chief Engineer Dolphin N2, Helena Parrott – Executive VA & Business Support, Fabrizio Treccarichi – Systems Simulation Engineer, Paul Metcalf – Project Engineer Dolphin N2, Katy-Jane Mason – Social Media & Content Manager; have been joined by Paolo Ortalani – Chief Design Engineer & Jo Timperley – Accounts Manager Dolphin N2.

Written by Katy-Jane Mason for & on behalf of Dolphin N2.