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Dolphin N2 forges it’s way into 2020 with an outstanding team.

By January 7, 2020 No Comments

The Dolphin N2 team welcome 2020 with a renewed energy having now spun out from Ricardo with FPT Industrial, the global powertrain brand of CNH Industrial acquiring 100% of Dolphin N2 just before Christmas 2019.

The news of the acquisition of Dolphin N2 has enabled the Dolphin N2 team to begin 2020 with a fresh vision of the future of this game changing technology & the positive environmental impact the CryoPower split cycle engine can have in global markets.

With a positive future laid out before the Dolphin N2 team & having already taken a review of some of the events the dolphin N2 attended in 2019; we take one last step into 2019 & review some of the events which took this outstanding team out in to the public arena & brought the CryoPower split cycle engine technology to a global audience.

December 2019 – ATZ Live

Benjamin West – Programme & Operations Manager for Dolphin N2 attended & presented at ATZ Live in Frankfurt November 2019. The topic for last year’s event was ‘Heavy-Duty, On- and Off-highway Engines 2019: Co2 Limits.’

“There were presentations on a wide range of subjects at this year’s ATZ live.  The industry is in a state of flux as manufactures determine which of the future technologies can really deliver the emissions reduction required to meet the targets in 2030 and 2050. Rolls Royce MTU presented Hybrid and battery technology for Power, Rail and Marine propulsion and we were treated to a tour of their Microgrid system that uses solar power and battery storage to supply some of the factory power.

The keynote speech from Dr Heinz Jurgen Buchner IKB Deutche Industrie bank set the focus on alternative fuels and this was revisited by a number of presenters.  The fuels themselves were not new- DME , OME , Natural gas, Hydrogen and Ammonia have all been used in the past, but there was a more detailed view of the ‘Well to wheel’ energy balance and a consideration of the utility of the fuel and the infrastructure requirements.

The recuperated split cycle was well received as possibly the only future technology that can offer a step emissions reduction in the timescale required for the 2030 targets. The versatility of the split cycle was also seen as a benefit at it could be adapted to use any of the future fuels with a simple calibration change.

There were also a number of interesting presentations on optimising the current Eu6 Technology through active system monitoring and friction reduction through optimised Liner honing. These technologies offered good short term options to improve engine efficiency.”  Benjamin West – Operations Manager, Dolphin N2

The Dolphin N2 team grew throughout 2019 & as we move in to 2020, this is the team who will be forging their way with the new CNH Industrial acquisition powering them forward:

Dolphin N2 team –

Simon Brewster – CEO Dolphin N2 having joined Ricardo PLC in 2011 as a Chief Engineer, has seen several roles including: Head of Industrial & Large Engines, Director Industrial Engines, Director Industrial & Defence. He now heads up the Dolphin N2 team.

Benjamin West – Operations Manager Dolphin N2 has since leaving university, worked for some of the industry giants in Engineering excellence including the role of Senior Development Manager at Rolls Royce, Principal Design Engineer at MAN Diesel, Product Engineering Manager at Delphi Diesel & Technical Business Manager at Ricardo.

Nick Owen – Technical Director at Dolphin N2, brings his expertise in the low carbon transport & kilowatt-scale power sectors, heat-engine, battery, fuel cell & associated technologies to Dolphin N2.

Rhys Pickett – Chief Engineer Dolphin N2 joined Ricardo PLC in 2008 & has undertaken a progressive series of roles. Rhys joined the Dolphin N2 team with a keen understanding of the technologies for the split cycle CryoPower engine & has been instrumental in collaborating with The University of Brighton in the building & testing of the cryo rig.

Helena Parrott – Executive VA & business support & Director of Virtually Smart Ltd, brings a wealth of business management skills & processes to the Dolphin N2 team, including but not exclusively: supporting the team with their day to day business operations, international travel & visa support, official documentation presentation, policy writing, administrative expertise & executive support solutions.

Fabrizio Treccarichi – Engine Systems Simulation Engineer Dolphin N2.

Paul Metcalf – Consultant Project Engineer Dolphin N2 has a specific focus on developing the subassemblies that will be required for the multi cylinder demonstrator.

Paolo Ortalani – Chief Design Engineer Dolphin N2 has extensive experience in heavy duty engine design spanning 21 years. Paolo leads the prototype design studies at Dolphin N2.

Joelle Timperley – Finance Director Dolphin N2 & is responsible for all aspects of the company finances, including developing a financial strategy to support the company’s objectives.

Katy-Jane Mason supports the team as content researcher/writer & social media manager.

Written by Katy-Jane Mason for & on behalf of Dolphin N2